About Flycupz™


Born to fly high and take you high with energy and power, I ensure I am on the top of your list. No way can I go down for refreshing you is my aim, empowering you is my approach and energizing is my ability. I embrace optimism and new beginnings. Of course, I am simply delicious because I am made out of nutrition and inspiration. I am the perfect solution for all your cravings. I fly high to any extent just to ensure my team provides my guests with the best experience ever, for my destination is in your heart.

I believe, from this day forth, tiring work, responsibilities and sleepless nights will appear nowhere even in your darkest nightmares.

There should be a coffee
behind every idea

Group 89



Offering a wider range of food & beverages with love along with our special meals too, our sweet home ‘Café Flycupz’ is open for all our guests. Be with your friends, family, business teams, and loved ones or even alone, we promise you will feel comfy at our place, for Café Flycupz offer a space that you can call your own. It’s more than a hangout spot and energy booster. After all, we know, you need a space to relax, chit-chat and sink into endless fun. So why not add some taste to it? Take a journey through our ‘specially made for you’ menu and feel free at our home.


Have our Flycupz with a touch. If you’re on a search for a quick coffee stop with yummy snacks, then Flycupz Express is the right destination! We give exactly what you expect.

Our lovely customers can rush to enter an order just with a touch and pay with a credit card, debit card or cash. Customers who wish to jump out of traditional long lines at the counter can blindly pick our express service and save time to gain energy.


We are not using any product harmful to the environment.