Flycupz the hard work and determination of a young team to deliver the delightful stunning experience
which is memorable. To feel you feel high, to make you think high, to cool your mind with the blend of
coffee culture with sensational unique menus at our outlets.
“There should be a coffee behind every idea”
And i.e., FLYCUPZ.

Flycupz offering wide variety of unique menus – fresh and crispy categories food stuffs, cool and healthy
beverages prepared by our expert chefs with our own ingredients. We ensure the quality as well as
quantity standards. We serve food with love and will make sure that you spread love and happiness to
all. Our delicious menu will make your mind cool and fresh where you can generate lot of ideas and can
experience the remarkable culture at Flycupz.

We will make your day happy and fresh. Come and explore Flycupz outlets to feel the spread of
positiveness. It’s not just our menu, our outlets makes you to serve the nature and you will experience
the commitment of a person to the nature.
The relaxing and comfort environment at Flycupz makes it a better place to hangout. Whenever you
want to make your mood the best one visit Flycupz. We offer what you really want.
“Experience the best at Flycupz”
Not only just a friendly hangout but also Flycupz will be the best place for businessmen for discussions
and a place to open up your ideas and also a place for you to be creative because Flycupz is simply a
creative destination.
“We promise you with what you really need at Flycupz”.

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